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One Summer Can Change Everything. . .

Tiny Dancer NEW SmlDark Secrets . . . Beautiful Surprises

Tiny Dancer is a soulful novel that isn’t afraid to tackle issues like awkward teen crushes, survivor’s guilt, and becoming who you’re meant to be

Flannery Curry is a girl driven by her deep desire to break out of the sameness afflicting her dad and stepmom, or else explode. Her lifelong crush on her dance coach, Billy Thornton, is her constant obsession, and one she can’t hide from her annoying best friend Claudia. Between her jealousy over Claudia’s perfect parents and daydreaming about elusive Billy’s beautiful face and silky long hair, her unspoken frustrations may cause her to do something drastic—like leave the safety of her own backyard to explore what’s on the other side of a forbidden sunflower forest.




Tiny Dancer is a teen novel that will appeal to fans of The Fault in Our Stars and The Beginning of Everything. Funny and smart, it proves that breaking through stereotypes and befriending the wrong people can come packaged with dark secrets and beautiful surprises.


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This review is from: Tiny Dancer (Kindle Edition)

Set in Moore County NC in the sixties, the author draws on the real tension between the races to create a story about healing relationships. The main character, Flannery, is a teenager who has to work through difficult relationships with her family, her neighborhood, and her friends. The wisdom and love of a neighboring family who, as the only black family in a white neighborhood, have to endure persecution, give Flannery the courage to face her own demons.
Hickman allows us to feel Flannery’s pain and watch her grow into a wise young woman. It doesn’t descend into the melodramatic or paint a syrupy sweet picture of teenage life; Flannery is a very real character, dealing with real issues, such as death, divorce, step-parents, financial worries, discrimination, and the uncontrollable circumstances of life.
I really enjoyed it, and have to confess I put off doing other things in order to finish it, which is the test of how good a book is. The characters are engaging, the story is fast-moving, and the resolution is satisfying. What more could you ask for in a novel? Another winner from Patricia Hickman!

5.0 out of 5 stars! Summers favorite! 
By Happy feet – Amazon Reviewer
This review is from: Tiny Dancer (Kindle Edition)
This was an excellent book. I laughed, I cried and at the end I wanted more. Best book of my summer!